Netcash: The Perfect Partner for Fitness Businesses

Running a gym? Netcash is your secret weapon. We integrate seamlessly with gym management software like Octiv or Itensity, so you can offer members convenient monthly debit orders. This guarantees a steady income stream and frees you from chasing payments.

Netcash also streamlines operations, reducing manual tasks and errors.  Focus on your members and let Netcash handle the rest. Join over 100 leading South African fitness brands that trust Netcash. Sign up today!

Why Choose Netcash?

  • Effortless recurring payments: Seamless integration with gym management software + convenient monthly debit orders for members = a guaranteed income stream and less time chasing payments.
  • Boost efficiency: Say goodbye to manual tasks and errors. Netcash streamlines operations, freeing you up to focus on what matters - your members.
  • Simplified cost management: Gain complete control over your finances with Netcash's integrated features.
  • Join a winning team: Over 100 leading South African fitness brands trust Netcash. Sign up today!

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Get control over your cash flow today with Netcash

With more than 21 years experience in the payments industry, Netcash is a leading payments provider to businesses and organizations of all sizes throughout South Africa. We provide quality payment services and are passionate about giving you the best possible suite of services to assist your business or organization succeed.


We have a service to suit all your needs


Debit Orders

Simple and efficient ways to collect recurring payments from your customers.


DebiCheck is a preferential debit order system requiring the bank account holder to give specific electronic permission.

Salary Payments

Pay your employees online or via integrated payroll software. Seamless file uploads from your payroll software.

Creditor Payments

Process creditor payments safely and efficiently. Capture recurring and once-off creditor payments online.

Business Funding

Business funding available to South African businesses. Approved payouts will be credited to your Netcash account.


Pay Now Solutions

Payment Request

Easily request payment from your customers via our secure link sent in an SMS or email.

Scan to Pay

Accept hassle-free contactless payments with the scan of a single QR code.

eCommerce Gateway

More ways to pay on your eCommerce website. Our Gateway is already integrated with various free shopping cart plugins.

Integrated Software